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Don't let grammar errors burden your book's success!

I offer freelance editing and proofreading services for authors and business leaders who want to create marketable book or e-book manuscripts. Whether you're an experienced author with several books under your belt, or a first-timer looking for the right way to express your thoughts and ideas in words, I can help you effectively reach your audience, establish your writing style, and turn a profit on the book you've worked so hard to create.

Editing encompasses a broad range services. Is your manuscript polished and nearly prepared for publication? Do you have a rough draft? Or do you just have a few notes and a head full of ideas? Your stage in the writing process will determine the level of services your project will require.

What kind of editing services does your project need? Consider the following definitions.

Developmental or Structural Editing -- If you've completed a rough draft, but need an objective set of eyes to help organize and develop your content, then developmental or structural editing will help ready your manuscript for publication. By asking questions about your material, I will point out unclear and confusing parts of your arguments and ideas, and highlight areas that need further development. If necessary, I will move chunks of text around to better organize your material, and I will rewrite sentences to make them easier to read and understand.

Editing -- Editing services work best for authors that need a little more than copyediting, but not quite a developmental overhaul. If you want feedback on how to improve the way your manuscript is organized and how your story unfolds, as well as copyediting services to check for grammar and punctuation issues, then editing is for you.

Copy Editing -- Copy editing is a must for every author who wants to create a successful book. I will carefully read your manuscript for consistency and accuracy in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other style issues. I will eliminate passive sentences, clean up prose, and standardize style throughout your manuscript. I will also identify inconsistencies and redundancies in the content, if applicable.

Proofreading -- If you've had your manuscript copy edited (either by me or another editor), and had your book interior designed and formatted, then you're ready for a proofread. I will carefully inspect your manuscript for design inconsistencies and accuracy, including headings, subheads, page breaks, bulleted and numbered lists, word breaks, page numbers, cross references, and art work, such as graphs and tables. I may also find grammar and other copy editing errors, but I will primarily focus on the design elements.

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