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Editing Fees and Policies

Fees: For book editing projects, I calculate my fees based on the word count of your book and the level of editorial services required to make it publishable.

Proofreading galleys = $.02 per word

Copyediting = $.03 per word

Editing = $.04 per word

Developmental/content editing = $.05 per word (The fee for developmental editing is calculated on the word count of the starting manuscript or final manuscript, whichever is greater.)

For small editing projects, such as articles, short stories, and web copy, I calculate my editing fees based on my hourly rate of $60.

I always ask for a deposit of 50 percent of the total project cost before starting the work. This is payable by check, money order, or credit card through Paypal.com. The remaining payments will be broken into one or more additional payments depending on the scope and timeline of the project. The final invoice will be presented upon delivery of the final edited drafts. All payments are due on receipt.

Project timelines: Book editing can take anywhere from four to eight weeks, depending on the manuscript length and level of services required. I do my best to work within each client's deadlines. Once the initial payment is secured, I will provide a definite project completion date. For rush projects, I add a 50 percent charge to the final project cost.

Non-disclosure/confidentiality: I take your confidentiality and privacy very seriously, and never knowingly share the details of the work I do with outside parties unless you give me permission or required by law. To ensure your confidence, non-disclosure contracts are available. At the end of the project, I may ask for permission to mention your project in my portfolio and for references.

Warranties/guarantees: I guarantee that I will use my writing, editing, and expertise to the best of my abilities for each client I serve. I want my clients to be happy, successful people, and I want their writing projects to be successful as well. However, I cannot guarantee publication, sales, or professional reputation of any kind as a result of the works I edit or create.

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