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Six Tips for Getting More Media Attention with Your Press Releases
By Melinda Copp

A press release is a great method for informing the public about your business, whether you are just opening, expanding, or have other important news. An effective press release will catch the attention of readers and spread the word about your business. As with any other type of business writing, there are certain things you should do and certain things you should avoid when writing your press release to make the best impression and effectively convey your message.

The following tips will help your press releases—and your business—stand out.

1. Start with Your Contact Information
Because your press release serves to publicize your company, you should include your logo and contact information prominently at the top of your press release. Make it obvious what business is being announced and give readers a reason to look further.

2. Include a Compelling Title
Your press release should also have a compelling title that clearly states its purpose and catches the reader’s attention. If you want your press release to get noticed you have to give readers a reason to look and a great title can do just that.

3. Provide the Most Important Information in the Introduction
As with any type of business writing your press release needs to be concise as well as interesting. Make sure the first paragraph grabs the reader’s attention and gives them a reason to stay interested. You should include as much information as possible in the first paragraph without overwhelming the reader by using technical language or lengthy sentences.

4. Keep it Short
You should also try to keep the rest of the press release short and to the point by including one idea per paragraph and expanding enough to get your point across without rambling. Readers are more likely to read a press release in its entirety if it is short, even if a lengthy one contains more information.

5. Emphasize Information, Not Promotion
A press release needs to be factual and informative—and while you should try to portray your business in the best light possible—a press release should always be accurate and not include any misleading information. Even though one of the purposes of a press release is to promote your business, it should not read like an ad. Rather it should provide unbiased information in a more news-oriented manner so readers get information to draw their own conclusions.

6. Make Your Business Stand Out
You should not try to promote one specific product in your press release; rather announce your business news in general. A good way to get readers interested in your products or business is to include information on how your business strives to provide a quality product to customers and include positive information, such as community involvement.

Making Media Headlines
A press release is a great way to get the word out about your new business or business expansion. If you are starting a new business a press release can be one of the most effective advertising methods available, if you write one that is effective and that reaches a wide audience.

Remember to be clear about the reason for your press release and to stay concise. Use simple language that is easy to understand and keep your press release factual and informative. When you use these tips for crafting compelling press releases, your business will attract the media attention it deserves!

About the Author: Melinda Copp is a writing coach, ghostwriter, and book editor who specializes in helping aspiring authors reach their writing goals. Sign up for her free e-zine at www.FINALLYwriteabook.com, and get a free special report!

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