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Four Secrets to Earning a Paycheck with Your Writing!
By Melinda Copp

Writers write because they love to do it. They look forward to sitting down at their desk to write each and every day, and they don’t feel “normal” unless they do. However, not all writers make a living doing what they love. So, why are so many passionate writers not making a living?

Well, the answer is probably a little different for every aspiring writer. But writers that make money from their work use the following four strategies to be successful.

1. Invest in Your Writing
All the passion in the world can’t make up for a lack of skill. So if you are really serious about your work and you want other people to take you seriously, then you should invest in your skills and your work. So what does that mean? Well, it could mean taking a writing workshop course, attending a writing conference, hiring an editor, buying a book on craft, or working with a writing coach. All these are important ways to better yourself and your writing, and they are all worth the investment. Just like any other craft or profession, as a writer you should constantly seek ways to improve.

2. Read as Much as You Write
When I get busy, I always get behind on my reading, and it always shows in my writing—particularly in my enthusiasm and creativity. And sometimes when I feel like I can’t write anything, reading something really wonderful helps get me going. For writers, reading is essential; so subscribe to the newspaper and read it every day; subscribe to your favorite magazines and keep them handy everywhere; and keep a few books around, too. As a writer, you’re not only reading for entertainment, you’re reading to learn, keep track of what is getting published in the magazines you want to write for, and looking at different approaches and voices among your fellow writers. Study writing—it is essential if you want to sell your work.

3. Stay Connected to Other Writers
At other jobs, you get to mingle with your co-workers; but writing is a solitary profession. This has lots of pros and cons—a major con being you don’t get to interact with like-minds every day. Sharing ideas and struggles and successes with a community of writers is very inspiring and motivating. Keep in touch with writer friends, network at workshops and conferences, and participate in online forums for writers. Even just keeping up with people on the Internet can do wonders for your writing and success.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Sell Yourself
Many writers hate selling themselves—they’re afraid to put themselves out there and they’ve never sold anything in their life. But if you’re serious about making a living as a writer, you have to put yourself out there. Market yourself, your ideas, and your writing skills to everyone you meet. You never know who is going to need a writer, so reach out in as many ways possible. Publish a blog, put together a web site, send out that idea, and continuously market your writing.

Writing is like any other business—you need to invest in your skills, know what’s getting published where, network with other writers, and learn to sell yourself and your skills to editors and clients. Making a living as a writer takes work, but these four secrets can make it happen for you!

About the Author:

Melinda Copp is a ghostwriter, editor, and writing coach that specializes in helping aspiring authors achieve their writing goals. Sign up for her weekly e-zine, The WRITE Path, at www.FinallyWriteaBook.com, and get a free special report!

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