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Here's what my clients say...
Linda Scott"I took another writing class prior to Melinda's. It was a good class and it delivered everything that was promised. However what I wanted was help producing a well-written book. The coach's objective was to plug me into a system to quickly and easily complete a book. If I had the ability I could produce a really good book in that class but I wasn't going to receive the coaching that would show me how.

"Melinda's course not only offered what I hoped for and needed but her one-on-one coaching session was exceptionally insightful. She took the time to understand my goal and guide me making suggestions on how my business could benefit from crafting and writing a book that would be interesting to my readers while providing them with value and transformational results from my proprietary system outlined in my book. This was clarity and direction that by itself was worth the course investment. I highly recommend Melinda and look forward to future coaching from her."

Linda Scott, Founder of Changes Life Coaching Center, www.simpleweightsolution.com
"I always said I wanted to write a book, but I didn't know how to do it. I don't know if I ever thought about what writing a book would be like. You can't just sit down with a pencil.

"How to take the time and do the work and get the book done and published--I didn't know where to start. We laid out all my ideas on a big piece of paper to structure it, and when it was done, Melinda helped me figure out how to get published based on my goals."

Martha C.
"Before starting Melinda's program, I had an idea of what I wanted to do and a semblance of an organized book. Now I have greater clarity over how the book will be organized, greater clarity about target audience, and a better understanding of the importance of writing to them. I have a book outline and clarity on how I will use this book in my business.

"Melinda's book writing program covers ALL aspects of writing a book! I like how she covered the basics and fundamentals, along with advanced information. She clearly has been involved in writing books and her experience is helpful in providing useful examples. Her passion and enthusiasm for writing are evident throughout the course."

Teresa O'Brien, Teresa@ToSuccessPlanning.com, Midland, Michigan
Karina Ward"I was a bit apprehensive and unsure that my topic would be interesting to enough people (note: my book isn't about my profession). In addition I couldn't envision my way to the end of the book and how I would conclude it.
"Melinda gave me valuable insight and excellent tips on how to resolve those concerns. After taking her course and talking with her directly, I am confident in my idea and how to accomplish the tasks necessary to write my book.
"I recommend working with a coach like Melinda. She is trained in her profession and accessible when you need her help."
Karina Ward, www.kwmarketingconsultants.com

Kristen Woodring headshot"Before working with Melinda, I had a hard time writing my story in the way that I told my story. I also needed help with organizing the chapters and the flow of my book.


"Honestly, I had never had an editor or ghostwriter. This is my first book and I searched the internet and found Melinda.  After speaking with her on the phone, I felt comfortable with her and trusted her right away.


"During our interviews, Melinda was able to pull more information from me to make my manuscript even more meaningful and detailed. My story really came alive with Melinda's writing. She took our interviews and wrote the events in a way that the reader can really feel and relate to the story. After working with Melinda, my chapters flow so well and simple things like to introduction and ending came together because of her experience with writing—something I could have never thought of on my own.


"The most exciting benefit that I got from working with Melinda was that she was able to write my story in a way that I could not.  She listened well to my ideas and transferred everything to paper."


Kristen Woodring, author, Finding My Lifesaver - A Swimmer's Journey through Success, Burnout, and Finding Balance, Reading, Pennsylvania

“When I found Melinda, I was seeking out someone who would care just as much about my work as they cared about their own. Melinda Copp has been that person. Great feedback, timely feedback, as well as suggestions that helped me produce an all around better manuscript.


"Melinda was instrumental in helping me develop ideas and creative ways to get my writing energy going. As a college professor and the leader of a national non-profit organization, I know firsthand the value of having someone on your team like Melinda who is focused, discipline, committed, and deeply cares about the work of all of her clients.


“Melinda has demonstrated to me that she will do everything in her power to ensure that her clients put out great books. I have recommended Melinda’s services to a number of people, including academics, business leaders, civic leaders, and other ordinary citizens who are committed to putting the experiences of their lives on paper so that other can know they are not alone in their struggles. And I recommend Melinda to you.”


Marcus Martin, CEO, Education Is Freedom, Dallas, Texas

"Before I found Melinda I had a collection of articles that I wanted to turn into a book, but I didn’t know where to start or what to do next. She gave me some direction and guidelines so my book could become a reality.


"I wanted to work with Melinda because she respected what I wrote. Every other editor that I interviewed told me that my work had to look a certain way or sound a certain way if I expected anyone to buy my book. One editor changed almost every word in one of my essays! Melinda edited my work and gave me suggestions, but she respected my writing and my voice. She didn’t want me to sound like everybody else, she allowed for my originality.


"Since working with Melinda, all my articles are arranged and compiled in a cohesive book manuscript. Her suggestions on my introduction helped me bring everything together, and now I’m confident my message comes through.


"Thanks, Melinda!"


Cathy Cassani Adams, Author of The Self-Aware Parent: 19 Lessons for Growing with Your Children, www.cathycassaniadams.com, Elmhurst, Illinois

Richard Kuenneke headshot"The scariest thing in the world is a client that never says a word about what you’ve written. On one hand, they trust you and that’s a good thing – but gee whiz, my writing can’t be that good. That’s why I work with Melinda. She’s the safety net; the second set of eyes – the essential feedback my trusting clients seem unable to provide.


"I’ve been a writer-producer of television content for years and was never satisfied that my writing. I knew I needed a coach, editor, or whatever you want to call it. I did work with another editor, until he started to make my writing sound like an infomercial. I located Melinda through an Internet search. After we talked on the phone I was convinced her talents would serve my needs the best.


"I’m mostly interested in non-fiction content and I know Melinda’s background includes work of that genre. One of the best experiences I’ve had with Melinda was her willingness to talk with me about a project before I started. She gave me fantastic advice and I adopted everything she said into my new writing project.


"There is much more confidence in my work now that I have Melinda.


"I am a writer who knows you don’t improve your writing without constructive feedback."


Richard Kuenneke, writer-producer, owner, Oakview Road Media, Carbondale, Illinois

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